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  • Booklet – Carrier Oils

    $3.00 inc GST

    Do you only use one carrier oil, as you are unsure what other carrier oils are out there and what they are best for, grab this booklet and understand the differences between the carrier oils.

    This 28 page booklet contains information on:

    • Carrier Oil Uses
    • Quality of Oils
    • Topical Application
    • Beneficial Nutrients (EFA’s, Vitamin A, C, E)
    • Valuable information on 21 carrier oils

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    Booklet – Carrier Oils

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  • Booklet – Top 10 Essential Oils

    $1.20$8.00 inc GST

    This booklet is easy to understand and use for any new or old oil user.

    Aromatic, topical and internal uses are briefly described, including a great dilution section. The booklet includes practical (and compliant) uses for each essential oil in the doTERRA Home Essentials Kit. Each oil also has a fun featured DIY to help any new oil user see the practicality in using oils in the home.


    Booklet – Top 10 Essential Oils

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  • Chakra Essentials

    $10.50 inc GST

    If you’ve ever wanted to explore Chakra healing this is the perfect resource for you.

    Information included for EACH Chakra

    • Essential oil blend recipe (10ml)
    • Additional oil recommendations
    • Balancing techniques
    • Journaling prompts
    • Crystal recommendations
    • Basic overview, signs of balance and imbalance

    24 pages,  14 x 17.5cm,  full colour

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    Chakra Essentials

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  • Oil Smart Pocket Guide

    $3.50$25.00 inc GST

    Essential oil use has never been so simple and efficient. The Oil Smart – Pocket Guide is the ideal on-the-go reference guide to essential oil use. The brand new book is a simplified version of the Oil Smart book.

    The Oil Smart – Pocket Guide replaces the popular TruWellness Essential Oils Simplified booklets! The brand new resource includes everything you loved about the simplified booklets, plus so much more! Expand your knowledge with the book’s intro to essential oils, simplified list of possible natural solutions for the top 50 common conditions, and essential oil dictionary for the top 30 oils.


    Oil Smart Pocket Guide

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  • The Essential Quick Reference 6th Edition ETA April 2021

    $3.50$25.00 inc GST
    Now With doTERRA Blend Names + New 2019 Oils

    This quick reference guide is the A-Z guide pulled straight from The Essential Life. With this guide, you’ll get the complete list of ailments with associated essential oils included in the big book.

    With content about safety, storage, and essential oil quality this compact excerpt is perfect for gifting to new essential oil users.

    What makes this guide perfect for new oil users?

    The back cover gives you the space you need to leave new customers with personalized basic oils suggestions and your contact information. And sharing this information leads to new enrollees!

    Boost interest and retention by passing out these easy-to-use and informative essential oil guides. Sharing this Essential Life information can inspire those around you to expand their knowledge of essential oils and invite them to join the community.

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  • Booklet – Essential Oils 101

    $3.00$26.00 inc GST

    “Essential Oils 101” outlines 320 health conditions, which essential oils to use, and how to use them. This booklet is ideal to carry with you and to share with friends and clients who are learning to use essential oils. But even experienced oil users can benefit from the wealth of knowledge derived from over 20 years of research and practical application.


    Booklet – Essential Oils 101

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  • Booklet – Healing Home and Family

    $1.95$16.00 inc GST

    These booklets focus on the emotional benefits of your favourite essential oils. They include summaries on the core emotional benefits of the oils from the Home Essential Kit and Wild Orange. So would be great as an introductory booklet.

    Also includes positive and negative quick reference guides, recommendations for using your oils and suggestions for creating your own emotional blends.


    Booklet – Healing Home and Family

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  • Booklet – Using Essential Oils (A Beginners Guide)

    $3.00$25.00 inc GST

    Everything beginners need to know about using essential oils.
    Packed with essential information including:

    • Oil protocols for 50+ health concerns
    • Detailed information and uses for 51 single oils
    • List of blends with uses and oils included (i.e. protective blend)
    • Diffuser blends
    • Remedy recipes (roller bottle and spray recipes)
    • Instructions for using essential oils aromatically, topically, and internally
    • Safety and usage tips
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