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  • Cacao Addict

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    Is there any ingredient more tantalizing, healing and versatile than cacao (raw chocolate)? And did you know it releases chemicals in the brain, including anandamide, serotonin and dopamine? It is also high in magnesium, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, calcium and iron. Now imagine combining it with food-grade essential oils and superfoods such as hemp and medicinal mushrooms, or exotic ingredients like damiana leaves to raise libido or amaranth for a protein-punch, to create powerhouse snacks loaded with health benefits.

    John Croft shares recipes for simple enjoyment, tips on how to source the best quality ingredients, and methods to enrich and preserve food healing properties. ‘Cacao Addict’ contains 50 irresistible cacao-infused delicacies to lace your taste buds with longing, including Chia Cardamom Orange Pudding, Hemp and Almond Ginger Lime Fudge, Medicinal Blueberry Blitz, and Raw Turkish Delight. A comprehensive index helps you to find the perfect recipe for each occasion or ingredient.

    When John Croft tasted ‘real deal’ cacao years ago, his eyes popped open and his soul sang. John met his life partner and wellness collaborator, Noel, in 1994 and they embarked on a global discovery of mindfulness, sound therapy, essential oils and raw chocolate—in all its delicious disguises. Together they are building a global network empowered by holistic understanding and choices.

    ‘Cacao Addict’ is John Croft’s first published offering to conscious cacao-lovers across the world.

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    Cacao Addict

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  • Everyday Additive-Free Cookbook

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    Joanne & Tracey, co-founders of Additive-Free Lifestyle are passionate advocates for living a life less toxic.

    In 2019 they started writing everyday additive-free in the quest to help families far and wide learn about additives and showcase simple recipes that can be whipped up in minutes.

    In this book, you’ll find information about additives which just may change your life. Jo & Tracey touch on their own personal stories and although they are sisters, their stories are very different.

    This book consists of recipes which can be made within minutes. They are all family favourites, some of these recipes have been handed down for generations and it’s a real privilege to bring our favourite recipes to your kitchen and family.

    From breakfast to pizza, to condiments & sauces and mouth-watering desserts, you’ll find everything to satisfy.


    • over 200 recipes including variations
    • 100+ vegetarian recipes
    • 140+ nut-free recipes
    • 90+ gluten-free recipes
    • 70+ dairy-free recipes
    • 80+ no added sugar recipes
    • 30+ refined sugar-free recipes

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  • Simple Cooking with Essential Oils

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    “In this book you will find simple and delicious recipes that will show you exactly how easy it is to cook with essential oils. I will discuss how to safely cook with oils, explain how to do it and show some fun and exciting ways to sneak oils and veggies into bellies.

    Read about my methods and tips that will help you feel comfortable in your kitchen. This book will open a whole new avenue of using essential oils in your home by changing your food one drop at a time. The possibilities are truly endless.” – Casey Hansen

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  • Smoothie Couture the essential way

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    By Tenina Holder

    This is the second in the doTERRA Essential Oils series (first being Sweets and Treats) that Tenina is creating for Essential Oil Supplies. This book of delicious smoothie recipes, all starring one or many essential oils will have you blending up a healthy storm in no time. Each recipe explains the benefits of the oils in use.

    There are no Thermomix methods in this book, but it is literally as simple as throwing it all and blending.

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  • Sweets and Treats the essential way

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    By Tenina Holder

    Tenina Holder is a long time doTERRA user and runs a successful cooking business where she creates delicious cookbooks, videos and recipes galore.

    This is the first title in the series, and Smoothie Couture is also in stock. Filled with yummy but naughty sweets and treats, each and every recipe showcases one or more essential oils to enhance flavour!

    This is not a Thermomix cookbook but can be easily adapted.


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  • The Essential Mixologist

    $42.95 inc GST

    The Essential Mixologist, written by Julez Weinberg, is filled with 22 original essential oil infused cocktail recipes.

    This book is an invitation to play and to create the most amazing cocktails with health-enhancing properties right from the comfort of your home.

    It’s a book about embracing the art of mixology and the simplicity of sharing not just a cocktail with friends, but rather a medicinal cocktail with friends.

    The alcohol component can easily be omitted to create a mocktail.

    It even has general information about what essential oils are and why the author uses doTERRA essential oils in her recipes.


    • Includes 22 original essential oil infused recipes
    • Has information on what essential oils are
    • Discusses the importance of using quality ingredients and oils

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    The Essential Mixologist

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