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  • Green Cleaning Label Set Natural Good Life COMP

    Labels – Green Cleaning

    $7.00 inc GST

    This set includes 1 x sheet of 10 x water resistant labels and a recipe sheet.

    Labels Included:

    • All Purpose
    • Glass and Window
    • Mulit-Surface Floor
    • Toilet Bowl
    • Stainless Steel
    • Counter Top
    • Mattress Freshner
    • Tile and Grout
    • Tub and Shower
    • Wood Furniture

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    Labels – Green Cleaning

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  • My Makes Label Set – Green Cleaning

    $8.00 inc GST

    “Create a healthier environment by banishing harmful chemical cleaners from your home. This brochure contains recipes that utilize common non-toxic, natural ingredients paired with plant powered essential oils.

    “These natural solutions are affordable, easy to make, eco-friendly and can be more effective than store bought cleaners. They not only help you to reduce the amount of toxicants in the home, they also reduce pollution to the environment, improve mood, and support your family’s wellness, too.”

    This recipe guide and label set features 10 quick-and-easy essential oil blends to help support a clean, healthier environment. The recipes and labels are designed for 240ml (8oz) Clear Plastic Oval Bottle with Natural Foamer Pump, 500ml (16oz) Amber Glass Bottle with Black Trigger Sprayer, 240ml (8oz) Amber Glass Bottle with Black Trigger Sprayer, 30ml (1oz) Amber Glass Bottle and Misting Sprayer, 30ml (1oz) Clear Glass Roll-on Vial with Black Cap, 120ml (4oz) Blue Glass Bottle with Misting Sprayer, and 500ml (16oz) Amber Glass Bottle with Black Cap.

    Blends: Exercise Mat Cleaner, Foaming Hand wash, Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner, Hand Sanitizer, Laundry Softener, Laundry Stain Remover, Multi-Surface Cleaner, Room Spray, Toilet Bombs, Toy Cleaning Spray, and Wood Polish.
    Contents: 1 recipe chart and 20 assorted labels—1 vial label and 1 lid sticker for each of 10 blends.

    Ingredients Needed (not included):

    Essential oils—grapefruit, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, lime, melaleuca (tea tree), oregano, spearmint, wild orange, dōTERRA® OnGuard Essential Oil, dōTERRA® OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate.

    Other ingredients—bi-carbonate soda, castile soap, citric acid, fractionated coconut oil, olive oil, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and water.

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    My Makes Label Set – Green Cleaning

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  • Green and Clean Labels Natural Good Life

    Green and Clean Labels

    $6.00 inc GST

    This sheet of 10 moisture-proof labels includes 1 label for each spray blend. The labels adhere securely to our spray bottles.

    1 sheet of 10 different labels—Bedbugs, Glass & Window, Goo-Be-Gone, Leather, Linens, The Loo, Mold, Stains, Wood Polish, and Yoga Mat.

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    Green and Clean Labels

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