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  • Rollerball Outdoor Set Natural Good Life COMP

    Rollerball Label Set – Outdoor

    $7.00 inc GST

    This is sold as a set, includes 1 x recipe sheet; 1 x sheet of roller/spray bottle labels; and 1 x cap stickers.

    These are great for Make and Take Classes or those just starting out with oils and need some inspiration.

    This sheet gives recipes and recommended application instructions for 4 sprays and 6 roll-on blends:

    Spray Bottle Blends

    • On Fire – After Sun Relief
    • Ouch – Wound Relief
    • Three Leaf – Skin Relief
    • Tick Me Off – Pest Blend

    Roller Bottle Blends

    • Bite Me – Bite and Sting Relief
    • Chapped – Lip Blend
    • Pollen – Seasonal Relief
    • Sweat – Cooling Blend
    • Take a Hike – Muscle Blend
    • Waves – Motion Blend

    Spray Blends are diluted to a 15ml spray bottle (15 Amber Spray Bottles can be found here).

    Roll On Blends are diluted to 5ml and 10ml Roller Bottles (5ml Clear and Amber Roller Bottles OR 10ml Clear and Amber Roller Bottles)

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    Rollerball Label Set – Outdoor

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  • Summer Blends Label and Recipes

    $10.50 inc GST

    This Summer label set (in desert color scheme) can be made into sprays OR 10ml roller bottles.

    Includes one sheet of six labels with:

    • Four roller labels —fit 2oz (or larger) misting bottles OR 10ml roller bottles
      • Road Trip – Travel Blend (think motion sickness/moodiness)
      • Buzz Off – Bug Repellent
      • After Sun – Skin Support
      • Too Hot – Cooling Magic
      • Happy Juice – Mood Boost
      • Good Night – Sleep Blend
    • Recipes for both rollers or sprays
    • Cap stickers

    Limited edition. Bottles not included.

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    Summer Blends Label and Recipes

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