100ml Cobalt Blue Glass Spray Bottle

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100ml cobalt blue glass bottle with black atomiser and smokey grey overcap.

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  • 100ml Amber Glass Spray Bottle

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    100ml amber glass bottle with Black atomiser and light grey overcap.


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    100ml Amber Glass Spray Bottle

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  • Organic Witch Hazel (Alcohol Free)

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    Our Witch Hazel is 100% Organic Natural Astringent and 100% ALCOHOL-FREE. Witch Hazel is a distilled extract from the leaves, flowers, and bark of the hamamelis tree. One of Mother Nature’s best astringents, there is probably no better tonic or toner for skin care preparations. In skin care Witch Hazel can be used as toner or in place of a cleanser. In cleaning products Witch Hazel is great in glass cleaner or cleaning wipes.

    Ingredients:  Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hzel) Water and contains 0.15% Benzoic Acid.

    Country of Origin:  USA


    Organic Witch Hazel (Alcohol Free)

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  • Pet Spray Bottle Labels

    $6.00 inc GST

    The “Pet Sprays” Make-It-Yourself set features a UV-coated, card stock recipe sheet for quick sprays and other easy recipes. You’ll learn how to help keep your pets healthy and happy while keeping your house smelling fresh.

    Another moisture-resistant sheet has 10 labels for containers of your homemade 120ml spray blends.

    This set includes 1 x recipe sheet and 1 x sheet of 10 assorted labels.

    Labels Included:

    • 2 x Stinky Pet Deodorizer
    • 2 x Fresh Carpets
    • Itchy Skin
    • Immune Booster
    • Ear Cleansing Mist
    • Calming
    • No More Fleas and Ticks
    • Allergy Aid

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    Pet Spray Bottle Labels

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