10ml Rainbow (Chakra) Frosted Glass Roller Bottles (Pk 7)

$14.00 inc GST

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Pack of 7.

These roller bottles are a high quality frosted glass. They are finished off with a matching colour brushed metallic cap and a steel rollerball.

Comes as a mix colour pack consisting of Purple, Blue, Aqua, Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green.

**PLEASE NOTE:  These Roller Bottles come pre-assembled, so please ensure you have an oil key to remove roller ball without damage.**

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  • 10ml Chakra Glass Roller Bottle (Pk 7)

    $14.00 inc GST

    Pack of 7.

    These amazing chakra coloured thick roller bottles are a great way to balance your chakras. They come with stainless steel roller balls and colour co-ordinated lids.

    Colour bottles included are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and magenta.

    **PLEASE NOTE:  These Roller Bottles do not come pre-assembled. **

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    10ml Chakra Glass Roller Bottle (Pk 7)

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