Affirmation Cards – Fueled with Joy in Business + Life

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Your joy matters. Combine the power of pure essential oils and breakthrough affirmations to fuel living in more joy while realizing your business goals and dreams.

The road to business building can be filled with JOY instead of scarcity or stress. These cards remind you to play in your business and have fun while grounding you in the key beliefs that are essential to a rocking business!

Ready for some #joyfuel?

Pick one of the cards and place it somewhere you’ll see it regularly so it can inspire and ground you. The front of each Fueled with Joy card is beautifully designed with a truth bomb that will set you free in your business! The back of each card will not only help you identify common blocks that create discouragement and frustration but also give you short instructions on how to let go and create joy. Finally each card provides recommended essential oils to maximize breakthrough and support your system to shift more into joy!

This beautiful set of 24 5×5” cards can be used as a set or can be gifted to business partners or team members to facilitate encouragement and inspiration. Spread the #joyfuel to create a joyful wildfire! Every soulful entrepreneur craves #joyfuel. It’s the energy that makes life and business FUN.

Gift this entire deck or share just the right card as inspired with fellow entrepreneurs.

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