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Bulk buy with this pack of 6 mini aroma pods or gift it to that someone special in a beautiful designed gift box.

Widely known as the BEST natural diffuser available today!

Why? The Banksia Grandis seed pod (the material from which they are made) is particularly porous, it soaks up your essential oil and slowly releases the aroma through its pores. No flames and no electricity are needed with our all natural diffuser!

Your aroma pod comes pre-tested and filled with our very own high quality Pure Australian Eucalyptus oil. Each one is completely different from the last and can be filled with any essential oil you like.

Aroma Pod Instructions
Step 1. Remove the cork from Aroma Pod
Step 2. Choose a good quality Essential Oil or blend and place 1ml of oil into the pod
Step 3. Place cork back on Aroma Pod
The aroma should last up to 2 weeks – add a few extra drops of essential oil weekly, for a longer-lasting effect.

The mini aroma pod is approx 7cm in diameter.

Are the products treated?

No, we don’t treat our products. We find the chemicals harmful to us and the environment. We also note that customs are not accepting of this process in any case.

Can I change the oil in my Aroma Pod?

YES, you can change the fragrance by adding your own essential oil instead of topping up with Eucalyptus. Wait for the Eucalyptus to completely dissipate and add whatever you choose. This can be done over an over again!

Will the oil leak through the bottom of my Aroma Pod?

Each Aroma Pod is tested to ensure they don’t leak. However, the Aroma Pod is made from a naturally porous material and it is recommended that something is placed underneath to protect painted or highly polished surfaces.

How often do you fill the Aroma Pod with essential oil?

It depends on the quality of the essential oil and how much has been put into the pod. If no smell is present, simply pop more essential oil into the pod.

How long will the Aroma Pod last?

The Aroma Pod is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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