Candelilla Wax

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Candelilla wax is a 100% Natural, vegetable derived wax and found in great quantities in Northwestern Mexico and Southern Texas. It is extracted from the shrub (Euphorbia Cerifera) by boiling it, and skimming off the resultant wax.

Candelilla produces excellent gloss and structure and is ideal for finished products where firm consistency and high melt point are important. Candelilla also has water repellent and film forming properties.

Commonly used in lipsticks, lip gloss, candles, emulsion and other cosmetic products to add hardness to them.

Candelilla wax also makes an excellent vegan alternative to beeswax – As it is denser than beeswax, it is recommended to adjust your DIY recipes if you are wishing to use it as a substitute (approximately half the amount is recommended).

Our Candelilla wax is refined (filtered twice), to produce a light yellow to brown coloured wax.

Melting Point is 68.5°C – 72.5°C

Ingredients:  100% Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax

Country of Origin:  USA / Mexico

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