Cap Stickers – Designer Blends

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Per Sheet of Labels.

These labels are a great alternative to your standard labels. They are designed for most of the blends in doTERRA.

All stickers are printed on high quality, waterproof/oil proof sticker paper.

Each Sheet Contains the following:

7 x Aroma Touch; 6 x Balance; 13 x Breathe (US name for Easy Air); 7 x Cheer; 6 x Citrus Bliss; 7 x Clary Calm; 6 x Console; 13 x Deep Blue (US name for Ice Blue); 13 x Digestzen; 7 x DDR Prime; 6 x Elevation; 7 x Forgive; 6 x HD Clear; 7 x Holiday Joy; 6 x Immortelle (US name for Salubelle); 7 x In Tune; 6 x Motivate; 13 x OnGuard; 7 x Passion; 6 x Past Tense; 7 x Peace; 6 x Purify; 13 x Serenity (US name for Lavender Peace); 7 x Slim and Sassy; 6 x Sunny Citrus; 4 x Terra Shield; 5 x Whisper; and 4 x Zendocrine.

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