Cap Stickers – Designer Single Oils

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Per Sheet of Labels.

These labels are a great alternative to your standard labels. They are designed for most of the Single oils in doTERRA.

All stickers are printed on high quality, waterproof/oil proof sticker paper.

Each Sheet Contains the following:

2x Arborvitae; 3 x Basil; 3 x Bergamot; 2 x Black Pepper; 3 x Cardamom; 2 x Cassia; 5 x Cedarwood; 2 x Cilantro; 2 x Cinnamon; 4 x Clary Sage; 3 x Clove; 2 x Coriander; 3 x Cumin; 3 x Cypress; 3 x Dill; 3 x Douglas Fir; 5 x Eucalyptus; 2 x Fennel; 13 x Frankincense; 2 x Geranium; 2 x Ginger; 2 x Grapefruit; 1 x Green Manadrin; 2 x Helichrysum; 1 x Hinoki; 1 x Jasmine: 2 x Juniper Berry; 2 x Kumquat; 13 x Lavender; 13 x Lemon; 5 x Lemongrass; 4 x Lime; 4 x Marjoram; 13 x Melaleuca (US name for Tea Tree); 1 x Melissa; 2 x Myrrh; 9 x Oregano; 4 x Patchouli; 13 x Peppermint; 3 x Petitgrain; 1 x Pink Pepper; 2 x Red Mandarin; 4 x Roman Chamomile; 1 x Rose; 3 x Rosemary; 4 x Sandalwood; 2 x Hawaiian Sandalwood; 4 x Spearmint; 3 x Spikenard; 1 x Star Anise; 4 x Tangerine; 1 x Tea Tree; 3 x Thyme; 3 x Vetiver, 3 x White Fir, 9 x Wild Orange; 2 x Wintergreen; and 2 x Ylang Ylang.

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