Castor Oil 250ml

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Cold Pressed and Hexane Free, 100% Pure

B.P (British Pharmacopoeia). Cosmetic and pharmaceutical grade.

Our castor oil is  pale yellow in colour and is extracted via a cold press process from castor seeds.

It is commonly used in soaps, conditioners and balms due to its ability to create a rich, fluffy texture.

Apart from its common use as an emulsifying agent, castor oil is very absorbent and creates a natural barrier on the skin, which can help guard it from harsh conditions.

WARNING: Castor oil contains high levels of ricinoleic acid which can cause an allergic reaction on some people’s skin. Your skin may be prone to irritation. If your skin is only mildly irritated by castor oil, you may be slightly itchy or develop mildly red skin. A severe irritation may result in an itchy and uncomfortable rash or even hives. It is recommended that a patch test be done first on a small sensitive area of the skin to determine if you’re allergic to castor oil or not.

Ingredients:  Ricinus communis

Country of Origin:  India