Chakra and Reiki

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Chakra and Reiki: The Ultimate Guide on Harnessing your Health, Wealth, Happiness and MindVedas say all creation is one we are a part of all that we see and all that exists. Yet nothing exists. Look deeper down and what you discover is that we are nothing.

Discover yourself and you are just a bunch of cells that are made up of chemicals. Break down the chemicals and you are atoms, neurons, protons, and electrons. We pride ourselves in who we are, but look deep down we are nothing but energy. Every single thing on this planet we call home is created out of energy. It is an illusion at a massive scale and even though some of us know it, we still are enamored by the illusion and refuse to see the reality behind it. The reality is that everything is interconnected; the laws of physics that apply to energy apply to us too. Energy cannot be created, it cannot be destroyed it can only be changed – from electrical to mechanical, from mechanical to motion and so on. Similarly, our energy also changes, what we think and do affects us and everything in this universe.

Again we are too stuck in the physical reality to be able to experience this very subtle change. Our physical world and its goings on occupy our consciousness and perception far too much for us to appreciate the energy that lies within us and utilize it and experience it in all its awesomeness.

If we want to be peaceful and contented, we need to connect with the universal consciousness and the universal energy. We know it by different names, some call it Brahman, some prefer cosmic energy, whatever the nomenclature, the fact is, and even though we are pervaded with it we seldom experience it.

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