Coconut Soap

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The Coconuts are from an Organic and Sustainable source, and production in the purest form made simply with Organic Coconut Oil, Lye, and Water. No fragrance, no added enzymes, no phosphates, fillers, acids and no sodium lauryl. Coconut oil has natural soothing properties, and is ideal for the most sensitive skin as it does not contain anything to irritate the skin, nor cause allergies, nor aggravate existing allergies such as dermatitis & eczema, it is completely biodegradable, eco friendly, and dissolves so easily even in just warm water making it the ideal choice for cleaning, laundry & hand washing. Coconut Soap is very effective, and yet low in suds as it does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate, which is the chemical added to commercial detergents to produce suds.

**PLEASE NOTE: We can take no responsibility for functionality of customers washing machines. This soap dissolves when mixed with warm water and each customer needs to see if this product is suited to their machine. Appropriate timely cleaning of machines must be undertaken to remove excess soap residue.**

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