Essential Oils Made Simple Book

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From the creators of the Essential Life, comes Essential Oils Made Simple.

An easy to read, practical guide to natural solutions and protocols.

Written for both beginning and experienced essential oil users alike, Essential Oils Made Simple combines natural solutions and lifestyle recommendations to address your most common health concerns. In this book you will find simple, easy to share instructions for using essential oils and other natural solutions safely and effectively.


  • Protocols – Step by step instructions to address over 400 of the most common ailments and conditions using essential oils and lifestyle recommendations
  • Product Knowledge – Learn the top uses of single essential oils, blends and other supplementary products
  • Wellness Pyramid – Learn how to effectively pair product knowledge with lifestyle adjustments to achieve a complete natural health experience
  • Tips for using this book to share essential oils with others

Find easy-to-use protocols with step-by-step instructions for over 400 ailments!

With protocols for both new and experienced essential oil users, this guide will help anyone learn how to synergize their health by coupling natural solutions and lifestyle changes.

This book was written with duplication and growing your business in mind, so it definitely is a must have! Regardless of whether you are a novice or expert doTERRA names are used.

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