Rollerball Label Set – Essential Perfumes

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Perfumes can be intoxicating, seductive, and evoke certain emotions or memories. However, there is a dark side to the perfume industry to which many are not aware. To protect trade secrets, commercial perfume manufacturers are permitted to withhold disclosing ingredients; many of which are potentially hazardous synthetic chemicals (mostly petrochemicals). So ditch the commercial sprays and create your own beautiful blends.

Blend Labels Included:

  • Bliss – Floral Oriental
  • Harmony – Fruity and Citrusy
  • Love – Floral, Rosey
  • Peace – Aquatic, Earthy (Unisex)
  • Pure – Green, Fresh, Citrus (Unisex)
  • Rebel – Musky (Unisex)
  • Secret – Soft, Powdery Floral
  • Strong – Woodsy (Unisex)
  • Terra – Woody, Earthy (Unisex)
  • Urban – Soft, Chic, Citrusy (Unisex)

The 2-sided information sheet is chock full of information:

  • Toxin information in commercially produced fragrance products
  • Effects of commercially produced fragrances
  • Common organic components of perfumes
  • What are essential oils?
  • Aromatic profiles of fragrances
  • Fragrance wheel
  • Popular fragrance profiles for men
  • DIY – Make your own Signature Perfume blend instructions
  • 3 DIY perfume recipes (2 are unisex)
  • Perfume composition
  • Top Notes
  • Middle Notes
  • Base Notes


  • 1 Waterproof Bottle Label Sheet containing all 10 designs
  • 2 sided information sheet
  • Recipe sheet
  • 1 strip of cap stickers


  • 10ml Clear Roller Bottles
  • Colour coded lids
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