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Author: Desiree Mangandog
“We have been taught that aromatic use is the best way for essential oils to affect our moods and emotions. I am going to challenge that mainstream view. Yes, aromas perceived by the olfactory sense do affect the brain and mood immediately. I have also found that topical application of the oils on specific acupuncture points and meridians yield an even greater change in mood. Chinese medicine teaches us that each organ has a correlating emotion associated with it. The lungs are associated with sadness, liver with anger, heart with sadness, spleen with worry and overthinking, and kidneys with fear. Unresolved feelings can become trapped in these organs, as well as the corresponding meridians.

“Have you ever heard of someone who weeps while receiving a massage? Often, this is because trapped emotions have been released from the tissues. Have you known someone who has never been the same after a traumatic accident? The shock and fear have become trapped in the joints, bones, and muscles. It must be released in order for them to experience optimum wellness. With these blends, I provide locations along meridians that yield quick results. The combination of specific oils and targeted organ meridians will create quick emotional shifts.”

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