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These sample cards are great to give out with samples of oils/blends. They come pre-cut with a 1ml – 2ml vial hole.

There are 25 different oils/blend cards and 3 of each different oil/blend.

Blends Categories include:

Emotional Blend (Inspiring, Renewing, Encouraging, Reassuring, Uplifting, and Comforting Blends).

Aromatic Blend (Soothing, Massage, Repellent, Cleansing, and Invigorating Blends).

Blends for Women (Monthly, Joyful, Grounding, Metabolic, and Blend for Women).

Essential Blends (Tension, Respiratory, Calming, Digestive, and Focus Blend).

Single Oil Cards include:

Melaleuca, Marjoram, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, and Basil.


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